Hiking Up The Hill- Adelaide

Today is our last day in Ireland and to be honest, I don’t really know how to feel about it. I’m happy to go home because I miss all my friends and family, but I’m also sad to leave because I really like this country and all the friends I’ve made on the pilgrimage. 

Yesterday we hiked Mount Eagle and it was such a great experience. The hike up was mostly uphill and it was super sunny. Because of this I wasn’t really feeling it at first. I kind of just wanted to curl up on a fluffy patch of grass and take a nap. But then Con, our guide, pulled me out of that mood a bit. He pulled me back to the front and I helped him set the pace. The ready of the hike up after that was pretty peaceful except for the last steep hill up. I was having a lot of trouble catching my breath. When we finally reached the peak, however, I felt like I could breathe for days. You could see everything. The excellent view made this spot perfect for jump pictures. So, I got Kathy to take a few of me. From there, Con and I started to hike on again but everyone else was just not following. After a minute I looked back and everyone was taking a group jump picture without me. So if you saw/see that/those picture(s) (I don’t know what all was posted) I STARTED THAT TREND. 

Anyways, we were supposed to hike Mount Brenden today but we can’t because of weather difficulties. So now we don’t really know where all we’re going or what all we’re doing today, but I suppose that’s pretty okay. If I’ve learned anything on this pilgrimage it’s that (please excuse my cliche life lessons): 

1. It’s not where you’re going, it’s who you’re with

2. Flexibility is an important trait to pick up/learn

3. It’s not the destination, it’s the climb (cue up that song by Miley Cyrus (The Climb))

4. Don’t trust Con’s sense of temperature, distance, or difficulty


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