Dreams- Preparation - Cameron Newton

Last night I had a dream that everything went wrong on pilgrimage, but not in the way one might think. Our group did not drift out into the middle of the ocean, or fall of some clift. We were on the plane and my body was there but my mind could not sense anything. I was trapped  and unable to control myself and it was all I could think about. They say dreams express our anxieties, so I analyzed it in a way as follows: I am worried that I will go through the motions of pilgrimage but never truly let go of the stress of life to live the way we are supposed to.  For that reason I spent my day mentally preparing. I listened to my camp music, and searched for the Art Of Pilgrimage. The thing is you can't prepare so specifically for a journey that  it loses its intrigue. So I stopped. I watched my tv and when to the gym and lived. However in the back of my head I was and am scared that I won't be able to live in the moment, but excited to breathe fresh air and see the stars and to be away from the interconnectivity that we all live in. 


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