Focus on Religion not Landmarks- James Greene

The pilgrimage to Alaska is coming up soon so I have began to think about the journey that the other pilgrims and I will partake in. When I signed up for the pilgrimage I doubted that Alaska would have the same kind of spiritual enlightenment that the other countries such as Turkey would have for me. When I thought of pilgrimage I thought of massive religious landmarks such as the Wailing Wall or the Dome on the Rock. 
But after Tim instructed us to begin to think about the experience not the place or the landmark,I began to think about the experience coming up and I have come to the conclusion that having no or less significant landmarks adds to the spiritual awakening experience. I believe that the less we focus on landmarks and more looking at nature and more thoughts we will have more time to think about religion. I think this focus on you and your thoughts to discover religion is more powerful than finding religion through pre made landmarks. I want to focus on finding religion through my thoughts this pilgrimage.


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