Excited and Nervous- Teddy Wofford

I'm excited about the trip, but also pretty skeptical. I feel like it's either going to be really fun or just awful. I was disappointed when I found out the location was Alaska, I was expecting something in Europe or Asia. I just don't know of much to do in Alaska. This is also taking away from my time to work, which is kind of annoying because I'm trying to make a lot of money in the early summer. So, there are a lot of negatives of this trip for me, but that's actually a good thing, because I don't want to get my hopes up. I'm not much of a hiker also. Now there are some things I'm excited about. I'm looking forward to getting to know some people better. I'm actually excited to get away from technology and society for a bit. It'll be good to get a break from the Atlanta weather. This is also the last step of all the rite of passage/confirmation-ish type stuff, so it'll be nice to be done with all of that. Maybe I'll even have a religious experience and start speaking in tongues. Overall, I'm excited, but bracing for the worst.


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